Degrassi is drama, drama is game, game is rpg! deg_is_rpg!

It so totally goes there in some way, shape, or form.

Degrassi x Is x RPG<3
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Deg_is_rpg is now re-opened!!

So now is the time to turn in your applications. But you don't get to see the application before the rules.

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1 -- One RP journal per RP. Don't use one for two different RPs.
2 -- All out of character dialougue shall be spoken in between paranthisis.
3 -- A first entry must be up before your application.
4 -- You are expected to update at least once a week.
5 -- Make a hiatus post in the main community should you go on hiatus.
6 -- No OOC Drama. Save it for major storylines and whatnot.
7 -- Any outrageous story lines MUST be approved by the mods. (i/e: death, crazy love triangles, intense abuse and so forth)
8 -- To prove you read the rules, please put in the subject line, your favorite color, and in the spot where it asks you, "Did you read the rules?" please put your favorite song. Fail to do so will result in a rejected application.
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Character Wanted:
Character journal:
Your Journal:
Character AIM:
Your AIM:
Did you read the rules:

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Alex Nuñez
Ashley Kerwin
Emma Nelson
Jay Hogart
Hazel Aden
Manny Santos
Paige Michalchuk
Terri McGreggor
J.T. Yorke
Jimmy Brooks
Craig Manning
Gavin 'Spinner' Mason
Toby Isaacs
Liberty Van Zandt
Marco Del Rossi

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*Ellie Nash//Aim: NoLabelsInfinity//Journal: morecausedpain
*Seiko Fugikawa//Aim: brokenimagary//Journal: seikofugikawa
Chris Perry// Aim: reformedangel666//Journal: reformedangel
Manny Santos// Aim: le xx charming//journal: fabulousmanny
Emma Nelson// Aim: lovelyx123//journal: x_lovely_em